I know it gets hard sometimes. Just hang in there. Even when the days seem dark, find a reason to smile. You never know, your smile could brighten the day of someone else.

“Misery loves company.” Oftentimes, the most miserable people are those that love to see others miserable. For some strange reason, there’s people in the world that find pleasure in seeing others hurt. There’s people that pretend to care about what you’re going through, only to discuss it with others. When you’re able to smile “in spite of” it often confuses people, especially those that expect to see you down.

My husband loves to say “Don’t wear what you’re going through on your face.” There was a time where I couldn’t understand why it was so important to smile even when I wasn’t happy. He was right. Walking around looking unhappy can invite false concerns. “You look stressed. Is everything okay?” These exact words are often said. Unfortunately, the words are not always genuine.

Smile in spite of. Even when you’re feeling a little down, show your beautiful smile. “There’s always someone that has it worse than you.” Even when I was having a rough day at work, I never let the patients see it. I walked into each room with a smile. It was amazing to see how many patients still smiled “in spite of.” They smiled in spite of their diagnosis, in spite of their financial status, and in spite of what they may have encountered before I walked into the room. If they can do it, so can we.

No matter what you’re going through, find a reason to smile.

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