Learn To Listen More And Speak Less

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen. There are times when every situation does not need a response. Don’t be so quick to respond to every situation.

Listen to your children. Vital information can be missed by tuning children out when they speak. It may seem like they’re “just talking” sometimes, but that one moment you decide to ignore them could be a moment that will forever be regretted. I’ve made it a daily routine to tell my children to have a good day before they go to school. When they return from school, I ask “how was your day” and I listen to every word. When they go to practice, I ask how practice went. I’m concerned about every aspect of their lives. I let them know I care. I let them know they are loved. Imagine if the one time a child may be depressed or angry, and the one time they’re ignored, is the time they carry out a plan that may have been preventable if we only listened.

There are so many times where situations may have been avoidable if just one person took the time to listen. It’s so easy to tell someone how they should deal with situations. It’s so easy to tell them how we would’ve dealt with a situation better than they did. How much easier would it be to just listen and try to obtain a true understanding of their thought process? Speaking over someone while they’re trying to pour their heart out, when they’re possibly at their wits end, is not the time to shut them down. Listen to them. Wait for the appropriate time to speak. Sometimes we find our own answer in the midst of venting.

Imagine how you would feel if you knew your words, your lack of patience, or your decision to not hear someone out was the trigger to someone’s actions. What if those actions could have been avoided if you let them know you cared? Sometimes all it takes is just listening. Show someone you care. You don’t always have to have the final word. Try to understand where others are coming from. Try to understand their thought process. Show compassion. Show someone you truly care enough to listen, and to be the support they need during tough times.

Never be too busy to listen.

3 Comments on “Learn To Listen More And Speak Less

  1. Great, great post and advice. I am constantly learning this as my children get older. I have a grown one and three teenagers. I to tell them every morning to have a good day at school, I love you, and when I get home from work I ask each one how their day was. I’m actively trying to be patient in all aspects of my life because I’ve noticed that the older I get, the less patience I have. I mean it’s at -0 at times! But like you said, I don’t want to shut someone down when they need me the most. Thank you for that reminder. 😊

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    • Thank you so much! I agree, as we get older, our patience tend to decrease. Sometimes it seems like so much happened in one day between my four children, I don’t know how to filter through everything. I’m learning with time to try my best to give each one of them my undivided attention. Sometimes it makes it easier to listen to them one at a time during homework or dinner.

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      • Yes! I totally agree that it’s better to talk to them individually. That way they can take their time explaining what happened and really express themselves versus talking over each other and fighting to be heard all at once.

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