Keep Shining

When we live to please others, it’s often difficult to realize our own worth. Basing our worth on the input of others can have a negative impact on us. Have you ever given your all, and felt great about it, then ended up feeling horrible because you didn’t get the credit you thought you deserved? Don’t let this stop you from giving your all.

Remember that science project, presentation, or essay you did your best to complete? You thought your work deserved an A+ but the teacher gave you a B-. It may have hurt to receive a lower grade than you expected, but you gave it your all. The important part is you gave your all.

While at work, it’s easy to feel overlooked. You try to do everything by the book. You bring positive vibes. You leave your stress at the door and display that beautiful smile. You get the job done. You feel great about your performance. Even in the midst of all of your great work and feelings, one thing is missing: your supervisor doesn’t acknowledge all of your hard work, dedication, and positivity. Once again, the important part is you gave your all.

If we give up each time we don’t get the credit we believe we should receive, how far would we make it in life? Not everyone is going to appreciate the gifts you have within you, support you, or be a fan of you. You have to be your biggest fan. You have to believe in yourself. Never let someone else be the deciding factor in the path your life takes. If the input you receive is positive, use it as a tool to better yourself. If the input is negative, don’t let it get you down and discouraged. No matter what, always strive to better yourself.

This world we live in is full of people that were rejected by someone at some point in their life. Some of those same people didn’t let being overlooked or rejected stop them from becoming someone great. They didn’t let the naysayers deter their journey to greatness. Neither should you.

I frequently say “You never know who’s watching, you never know who you may inspire.” Over this past week, I started doubting myself. I began to wonder “Am I on the right path?” Just when I started to think about all of the times I wish I had more support, I began seeing posts about Tyler Perry’s grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios. Here is a man that faced many obstacles in his life, yet he never gave up. Imagine if he gave up on his dreams the first time someone didn’t believe in him. He has touched the lives of countless people over the years. This weekend, he inspired me. I refuse to give up just because someone else doesn’t see my potential for greatness. His story has encouraged me to push myself harder to get to my desired destination in life.

There will be times when others don’t believe in you. That’s perfectly fine. Believe in yourself. Know your self worth. Stop living to please others. When you feel like giving up, reevaluate yourself, reevaluate your plans, remember why you started, and keep going. Never let anyone dull your shine. Keep shining bright. Your light might brighten the life of someone else.

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