Know Your Worth

When we learn our true self worth, we begin to expect better. We stop accepting anything less than the best. Learning to value ourselves brings a fresh mindset.

The good thing about developing a new mindset is our energy begins to change. Anytime we lack self-worth, we attract the wrong people and the wrong energy. If we don’t care about our worth, how can we expect anyone else to care?

The way we present ourselves teaches others how to treat us. It teaches them what to expect from us. Presenting ourselves in a positive light will show others we expect positive energy. When you’re a positive person, negative energy makes you uncomfortable.

If you’re attracting negative energy, it’s time to evaluate yourself. Evaluate your surroundings. If negative energy doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you may be a source of the negative energy. Once you begin to value yourself, and the energy that surrounds you, things will begin to change.

Know your worth and don’t expect or accept anything less than the best.


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