Clear Bag Policy: Are We Really Safe?

I’ve recently began paying closer attention to events I attend that implement the clear bag policy. I’ve noticed a few issues that are very concerning, especially traveling with children. One of the main issues I’ve noticed is not every facility that implements a clear bag policy has the same rules in place.

I’ve been to some events where everyone is checked by security, including children. In this case, security uses metal detectors and pat downs. I have also been to events where it seems the women are the only concern. In this case, security only focuses on checking the clear bags women arrive with. Everyone else goes through the line without being checked. It’s embarrassing enough to have to carry a clear bag with personal items clearly visible.

My family attended a football game recently where security grabbed my clear bag and checked it while everyone else just walked through. My issue with this? If only clear bags are being checked, what is being allowed into events with those that get to bypass the security check? We attended a game prior to this recent game where security saw I had a clear bag and just waved me through without checking it.

If security measures are going to be in place, they should apply to everyone. After all, everyone’s safety should be a top priority.

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