Ready To Start My Health Journey

For quite some time, I’ve planned to start my health journey. There was a time when I faithfully went to the gym and ate healthy meals. As time went on, and I became more busy, I focused less on my health. I felt like I was just too busy to find extra time to go to the gym. I went from eating healthy to eating out more often and becoming less active.

As a mother of four children, I’ve found it harder to get my abdomen back to a point where I am more confident in certain types of clothes. I’m often uncomfortable when I wear clothing that is figure fitting. I’d weather wear loose t-shirts or a sweat shirt and jeans.

Sadly, I’ve had women dismiss my concerns because they felt like I’m “already little” or I “don’t need to lose weight.” I wasn’t allowed to participate in a Biggest Loser challenge on my job because it was believed I didn’t need to lose weight and I would win because I would lose weight quicker. It wasn’t necessary to refuse to let me participate just because I did not weigh as much as everyone else, or because I didn’t “look like” I needed to lose weight. I wasn’t good enough to be a competitor, but I was good enough to track the weigh ins and collect the fees when someone did not meet their goal. I could have been bitter and refused to help, but I was the bigger person, and encouraged everyone along the way.

Now, I’m on a new journey to better myself. I strive to be an example to my family. One of the things my youngest son put on his birthday list was to be able to go to Planet Fitness with me once he turns 13. This was all of the encouragement I needed to put my plans into action. He encouraged me without knowing it. He turned 13 on Tuesday. Because he wants to better his health, I am going to give him all the support he needs.

I purchased the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer and workout enhancer to help me get my abdomen to the point I would like it to be. I’ve seen multiple ads for the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer. I’ve read multiple reviews and watched multiple YouTube videos reviewing the product. I plan to use this in addition to eating right, ensuring proper hydration, and increasing my physical activity, to get to my goal. The most vital component for either of us to be successful is being mentally prepared and motivated to make life changes. I will be documenting the journey of my son and myself. I’m excited of what’s to come for both of us.


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