Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze: Where Are Our Priorities??

So, the Popeyes chicken sandwich has made a return and people are losing their minds over it. I have not seen the need to wait in ridiculous lines either time the sandwich has been released. While my husband and I were out shopping on Sunday, we witnessed lines of cars extending far down the road past Popeyes. We also witnessed long lines inside the restaurant with customers bunched up on each other, from the counter, to the window. The same was true while driving yesterday.

I never understood the craze behind standing in line, or camping out for hours, just to be the first to purchase the latest shoes or electronics. Now, people are seriously waiting in lines for 45 minutes to over two hours just for a sandwich. For the life of me, I cannot make sense of this. I’ve seen stories on the news where fights are breaking out, people are damaging their cars just to be next in line at the drive thru, and now sadly someone was fatally stabbed.

Is a sandwich really worth all of this? Is this really where we’re placing our importance? So many lives are being affected over a sandwich. It is truly sad that our lives have come to this. Has anyone stopped to think why it’s acceptable to wait in line at a fast food establishment for close to an hour to over two hours for a sandwich? Why is it becoming the norm to fight over purchasing food? Out of all of the food that is available, fights are breaking out over one sandwich?? Lives are being destroyed over a sandwich.

I hope we can get out priorities together sooner than later. Right now, it seems the wrong things are being made a priority. Instead of focusing on our health, economy, and life in general, we’re focusing on a single sandwich. There’s so much more we could and should be making a priority than a single sandwich. Ruining lives should never be a top priority of anyone. What example is being set for the youth that is witnessing this? It’s so sad. It’s time to get our priorities straight!!


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