Last Night’s Gym Session: Happy To See Parents Bring Their Children To The Gym

Last night my son and I focused on arms. We began with a warm-up on the treadmill, moved on to various arm workouts, and finished up on the stationary bikes. I was happy to see both mothers and fathers in the gym with their sons and daughters. It was amazing to see children in the gym and enjoying working out with their parents.

Gyms allowing children to accompany their parents is a great idea. This allows families to focus on their health/fitness journeys together; as a team. When parents invest in their child’s health at an early age, they are helping fight childhood obesity. Childhood obesity can cause many health problems. A few examples include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and respiratory problems. Childhood obesity can also cause mental health problems such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and poor self esteem.

My son and I are continuing to enjoy our time together. Last night, I kept asking him if he needed to take a break. Each time, he said no. It’s the mother in me that wants to make sure no harm comes his way. I began to learn to trust his judgement of his limitations. When we began working on our arms, I kept trying to get him to start with the lowest weight, but he knew where he wanted to start. I kept a close eye on him. He didn’t struggle at all. When he felt the weight may be too much to complete his reps, he dialed it down.

I appreciate Planet Fitness for allowing parents to bring their children to the gym. The gentleman that checked us in last night was very nice. He made sure to tell us to feel free to let him know if he could be of any assistance. I began having second thoughts about working out last night when we arrived to so many cars in the parking lot. I must say I’m glad we went in. Last night encouraged me to keep going, to continue encouraging my son to value his health. We’re continuing to have fun while working out, and we’re learning from each other.

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