I Started My Loc Journey On My Birthday 💕

Today, I started my birthday off starting my loc journey. Today will be the beginning of many life changes for me. Starting my loc journey is a major life change for me. After spending many years getting various hair services, that I… Read More

It’s Time To Stop Being Used: Protect Your Feelings

One of the worst feelings is coming to the harsh reality that people don’t always care as much for you as you care for them. When you are a selfless person, you do all that you can to help others without a… Read More

Never Apologize For Setting Boundaries

We should never apologize for setting boundaries. Boundaries are put in place for a reason. You will come to realize just how people feel about you when you set boundaries. It is perfectly okay to let others know what your expectations are…. Read More

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze: Where Are Our Priorities??

So, the Popeyes chicken sandwich has made a return and people are losing their minds over it. I have not seen the need to wait in ridiculous lines either time the sandwich has been released. While my husband and I were out… Read More

Ready To Start My Health Journey

For quite some time, I’ve planned to start my health journey. There was a time when I faithfully went to the gym and ate healthy meals. As time went on, and I became more busy, I focused less on my health. I… Read More

Jamaica: In Need Of Another Vacation

My husband and I went on our first vacation without children in July. We visited Montego Bay, Jamaica. The vacation was well overdue and needed. We spent 7 days there. The scenery in Jamaica is breathtaking. I never felt more at peace…. Read More

Clear Bag Policy: Are We Really Safe?

I’ve recently began paying closer attention to events I attend that implement the clear bag policy. I’ve noticed a few issues that are very concerning, especially traveling with children. One of the main issues I’ve noticed is not every facility that implements… Read More

Keep Shining

When we live to please others, it’s often difficult to realize our own worth. Basing our worth on the input of others can have a negative impact on us. Have you ever given your all, and felt great about it, then ended… Read More

Learn To Listen More And Speak Less

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen. There are times when every situation does not need a response. Don’t be so quick to respond to every situation. Listen to your children. Vital information can be missed by tuning children… Read More

Drama Free Zone

One thing that I’ve noticed gets under the skin of negative people is refusing to conform to their ways. Negative people tend to get offended when you choose not to participate in their negativity. Never feel bad about being your own person…. Read More